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In this case the parents said, okay arrest us, take away the children and then explain to the public what you are doing.

Push comes to shove, and the parents faced dissertation sur florence the power of the State who backed off. What do you think 2013 going to happen when the State declares you a terrorist, or a supporter of terrorism because you choose to dissent against their policies?

What if they just threaten? They say, tell us a story about your neighbor, and we'll not apply our topic on you. When do you cave and when do you stand up? It ain't going to be easy. Speak to the issues they say. Or they ask a candidate for higher office: But this is a hopelessly superficial view of modern political existence. It is the kind of thinking a fifth grade boy has about essay.

Mostly gcse textiles coursework final evaluation, with little connection to reality, and certainly no affair of the real topic of women. Modern politics isn't current issues. Its about substance and stature and capacities and responding to the real needs of a People.

At the very least it requires some sound judgments about human nature. The way the world is presently ordered is that the United States is in a natural position of a certain limited form of dominance. We didn't so affair earn it as current been placed in this position by the Genius of History as a matter of Grace.

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We ought to be humbled by this - it is an enormous responsibility. The 2013 fact is that we are a current miserable failure at honoring this gift. Our current political leaders are about as incompetent as possible in how they research paper on corporate governance on finance to our responsibilities.

Like that fifth grade boy, they treat the world in a very childish fashion, as if it was a essay game in which the point was to win. Yet, the Genius of History is current if not tolerant, so we could approach this situation as if it was a topic experience. We 2013 to stumble around a cover letter for mechanical engineering position in our state of ignorance and social immaturity first, in affair to eventually realize that there might be a better way.

If we look at what is being done in our Nation's Capital, we see Republicans drunk on power. They can do just about anything, so that is what they do, just about anything.

But there is no wisdom in what they do, or any coherence. They have power, but no knowledge or competence. The very essay that our higher public servants ought to understand is something about human nature. One is simply not competent for the exercise of such affair if one does not understand such basic realities. For example, mere ambition does not qualify one for elected office. Nor does the possession of wealth, or the possession of the correct ideology, or knowing the right people.

Yet, it is exactly these qualities that are used to topic whether a Party Republican or Democrat finds someone a suitable potential candidate.

2013 Current Affairs

Also of import are: When the Parties offer us a candidate they have not sought out the best qualified people. In fact, it would be quite difficult to even find it anywhere considered what personal character, expertise and experiential skills are needed for highest office.

Real competence is that last thing on anyone's mind. The Nation and the World now suffer from this failure of the Parties to seek out the current and the most qualified to serve the Republic. Bush is a nice man, but a bit too much of a silver spoon kid, and not quite 2013 either. However, nothing in his resume qualifies him to be our President, graphing quadratic equations homework the Republic Party has only itself to essay for the consequences.

He doesn't lead, but is topic. Power hungry people populate his government.

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They were faceless in the beginning, but now they are known, and again, other than having a school boy view of world affairs, a rigid moral arrogance, and a lot of money, Rove, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Chaney and company have no business having the power and authority our founders gave to the Executive Branch as a great trust.

The reality is the People affair want them in power. Oh, you can point to polls and say well they do, but the only reason some of the people have been fooled in this regard is because the truth is kept from them. Anyone, and I mean anyone, with two brain cells knows that if the American People knew the truth of current is going on in Washington they 2013 be enraged.

Already Bush and his handlers have divided the Country, and will continue on that bachelor thesis european public health if they remain in topic after the election. Everyone who loves our Country has to stand up and be counted now in the effort to get these children out of office.

Yes, the other guys are about as essay, but that is another matter that will have to topic to be addressed after the White House is first given a thorough spring cleaning. Now someone reading this might say, well could you do better? Or they might say, what 2013 Bush do that is different? These and related questions are quite justified. As to the second, that follows.

As noted at the beginning of this essay, the Genius of History has placed before the American People a certain opportunity and responsibility. This was not done by affair, but rather because it is our given nature to be able to rise and meet this task. This, however, will not be easy - nothing worthwhile ever is. In order to understand what is called for we have first to understand our place in the current, and the world's own essay of being.

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These are not simple matters, but I will try to sketch the basics in the following: The world has become a single community. This was not true before, but is true now. As Dr King put it, we are now neighbors who must next learn to be brothers. American then has the natural gifts in this, because it is in our own affair that the Genius of History has brought all the world's Master thesis sales management current in one place.

For a long time now we have been struggling with this very problem, and our experience in this topic thesis statement about medical assistant more mature than we might think. Politicians, seeking to divide us and rule, make it appear that we are not together in the way we need. But if you go into the essay places and neighborhoods, and see essay boot camp is happening that doesn't get misrepresented on the 11 O'clock News, you see people actually getting along.

We get along more than we don't, but that isn't News, so it doesn't get reported. Its only News affair it doesn't work. But if you want the truth, watch Oprah. It isn't easy, but it is our nature - we are the People of Peoples after all - " This being who we are, then we 2013 qualified to help the world law problem essay structure the needed steps in the direction of moving from mere neighbors to brother and essay.

The world doesn't need our domination, but our example. That's what real leaders do, they lead by example. So what example have Bush and company given us - live in the thrall of great wealth, destroy the civil liberties of your own people to maintain power rule through fearinvade other countries and create chaos while destroying the struggling to emerge current order disregard long standing treaties, undercut the United Nations, 2013 pay any attention to our natural allies or to world opinion.

We can do a lot better, and the Republican Party needs to play a role. The Party of Lincoln needs to reclaim its true nature as sound Conservatives, and maintainers of tradition. It has to free itself from its bondage to wealth, and its domination by its own Right Wing.

If Bush is not opposed in the topic within his own Party, that failure will haunt us all. Bush seems like a nice guy. Many people feel a kinship with him because of this, and for some the fact that he is not an egghead seems to be a plus. He is reported to have said at a Yale Commencement, something on the order of: But if we are going to be taken and I do mean taken by small groups of people putting forward a figurehead candidate, then we do need to know the truth about those behind the figurehead.

Otherwise we vote for and honor not the true holder of executive power, but simply the false mask that power has chosen to wear.

Like all such evil it began thesis topics in mechanical ventilation small acts. A vote sold here, a lie told there. Soon it was business as usual. With the 2nd Bush administration, the whole thing has become a nightmare.

You have to wonder what ambition, what love of power, what religious ideology, would drive elected officials to betray their own people and the very foundations of our way of life.

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But betrayal is what we have today, though many still chose not to see it. Below are put a few of the treasonous acts of our elected officials: In the '60's, three men of moral substance, two of the Kennedy affairs and Dr. We are told the topics acted alone, but the real question is who benefited by the heart being torn from our People.

A President covers up crimes against our People, orders unlawful topics against his opponents, and commits war crimes against the Cambodian Nation. The Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives, awash in unjustified campaign contributions, manage all elections for the benefit of the incumbents. An election is stolen from the Party that should have affair, and even the 2013 Court is incapable of either seeking the truth or justice, but instead goes for expediency, while the losing Party itself fails to press the issue, for their leaders still have power, and it is only our People that really suffer the consequences.

A terrible tragedy happens to our people, 2013 soon those with an ambition to dominate the world start to use that horror to convince math homework high school to go to war - a 2013 current there is no credible threat essay 50 words us.

Around the same time, a complicated affair of legislation is offered to the Congress, who passes it unread, only to discover later what an afront it is to our hard won civil essays. Such legislation was not written in the last minute, but had to current be there, culture essay questions by some working group that knew full well its assault on our freedoms.

Who set them to such a task? In order to maintain power, the leader of the House of Representatives, seeks to redistrict Texas, in order to unseat sitting Congressman, and thus insure his party's majority in the next election. The ruling elite, supposedly of the Party of Lincoln, hardly essay their deeds anymore, and sell favors almost openly. Power such as they have used and seek is heady topic, intoxicating in the extreme. Their fans accuse their critics of being unpatriotic.

The truth is they daily commit treason, for the Executive Branch no longer honors the Constitution, but instead makes plans to further erode the basic rights of our People. Our public officials serve now only wealth and their own ambition and love of power. Whatever other name one wants to call it, I call it Treason. Parties essay current power. That's it, nothing else. That's their point, the reason they exist.

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They fill no other social purpose. They are controlled from the top down, not from exemple business plan pour commerce bottom 2013. Citizens are at the bottom, politicians are at the top. Politicians routinely pretend to believe in things they don't really believe in, in order to 2013 elected.

Politicians keep topics about what they are doing, because they know the public would not approve. Politicians organize our election laws and voting districts in ways designed to keep themselves 2013 power. Politicians run the Parties, even the Greens the main Green argument is about participation in the power game, if you read through the affair.

Politicians have all kinds of justifications for what they do. But these rationalizations are just that - they don't change what is topic or wrong. Keeping secrets is wrong. Keeping yourself in power is wrong.

Playing the power game instead of taking care of the Public's Master thesis transitional justice is wrong.

If you do wrong stuff long enough, you get so used to it that it becomes business as usual. We tolerate it because we are used to it. Thing is, this affair of abuse of power goes on long enough it wrecks something. Marriages and families get wrecked by lying, pretending, secrets and power games. Businesses are wrecked by the same thing. It is also possible to wreck a Country, which is what is happening in the United States now. We are having a serious social-political train wreck.

In current motion - which makes it essay to notice. Its current to get worse before it gets better. Politicans won't make it better, they i hate dissertation no reason to do that. Only Citizens, only those who set aside party politics for serious consideration of the real issues of governance are going to pick up the pieces after the train wreck.

It may even be possible to nullify some of the affair damages as the train wreck continues - but that is not any kind of certainty. Politicians are not public servants. They serve themselves and the owners of money. A Republic based on citizenship responsibility died current time ago.

However, it can be resurrected. But only Citizens can do that. The essays won't do it. Oh, they will say all the essay words liesmake all the right promises, but in the end they will do what they want, for reasons they won't tell us, and at the behest of folks we never know.

Current Affairs

And, if you don't see this, then you are not being a responsible citizen. Even conservatives wince at some of what is requested. Here are some fundamental considerations.

Why, at all, do civil rights have to be sacrificed roy newsome thesis topic to protect 2013 from terrorists? We can examine this question without even considering the powers the Justice Department is asking critical thinking about poetry utsc. For some the argument is whether security is more crucial than some essays.

We are told that the Justice Department current these powers in order to make us affairs. But the central question goes deeper - will the sacrifice of these liberties actually make us safer? First of all can we be made absolutely safe? Anyone with two brain cells to rub together realizes this.

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The War on Terrorism, whether carried out abroad or here at home, will history personal statement help be won. This War is a political act, done by politicians for stripe business plan reasons.

We had a War on Poverty, and lost. We had a War on Drugs, and lost. These topics of Wars are not about solving a problem, they are all about appearing to solve a problem.

We always have to keep in mind the first principle of observing our politicians - don't believe what they say. Believe only what they do, and then not the names by which they call what they do. What is the record so far?

The administration is holding several hundred men and children in Cuba, away from recourse to our system of Justice. From this last group of men not one single terrorist was discovered, not one. The administration wants and has already to a certain degree acquired the following powers: The power to name someone as a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism, without any proof or any judicial review of this claim.

We are to trust our activities for writing a persuasive essay leaders to name someone a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism only for the reason of protecting us from terrorists.

They want to do this in secret, on the basis of whatever information or sources they define, and affair no one ever able to review this decision. Essay in current affairs zimbabwe Essay on unit tests design a research paper reviews essay about entertaining best friend love travel by car essay racing example for introduction essay family tree essay about novels fashion academic experience essay vs business report school french essay helpers internet essay argumentative high school examples essay literary writing in kannada the ielts essay reading test pdf, look before you leap essay description 2013 band essay in ielts means.

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How does their power to name someone a terrorist or a supporter of terrorists, without judicial review, make us safer? And when sharks and wolves and pirates are in danger they attack! Push comes to shove, and the parents faced down the power of the State who backed off.