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Can we use first person in a research paper

While first person can definitely be overused in academic essays (which is likely why your teachers tell you not to use it), there are moments in a paper when it is not only appropriate, but also more effective and/or persuasive to use first person.

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use of first person in research paper
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17:16 Dirisar:
Introducing personal pronouns when discussing results raises questions regarding the reproducibility of a study. In fact, recent papers published in Nature, for example, use "we" to establish an active voice.

21:08 Zushakar:
In this article, we discuss when you should avoid personal pronouns and when they may enhance your writing. Usage Examples The following examples compare the impact of using and avoiding first-person pronouns.

23:43 Kek:
The APA encourages using personal pronouns for this context. We removed the ceiling fan essay voice and maintained objectivity and assertiveness by specifically identifying the cause-and-effect elements as the actor and recipient of the main action verb. Take all of the above notes with a grain of salt.