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Thesis paper on microstrip patch antenna -

Series fed microstrip patch array antennas are widely used in the field of communication and microwave sensors. Their This paper presents a systematic and straight forward design (patch or line tapering) of the antenna element, we extract R i at resonances, normalize this value to.

Microstrip Patch Antenna

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student in mathematics at Louisiana State University, writers proofread it a couple of times.

Many people do not understand that they'll actually create their own paper and they do not need to subscribe to energy suppliers.

UWB Antenna for Brain stroke and Brain Tumour Detection
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14:28 Malarisar:
Meta-cover of classical and fractal unit cells is placed above Quadruple Koch, Peano, and Snowflake antennas. The study of effect of metamaterial unit cells on antenna parameters lies in two categories, gain enhancement and size reduction. These shapes show left-handed behavior in their resonance frequencies.

16:49 Dazshura:
Enhancement of some models of fractal meta-cover equals 5 dB. Quadruple Koch and Peano antennas are studied experimentally. They have properties like negative refractive index that is not found in natural materials.

19:10 Moogur:
In the future work more than two layers will be investigated with different angles relative to the antenna plane. These models are fabricated and measured using vector network analyzer.